Tualatin Neighborhood Ready

Are you ready for the next local disaster?  In a major disaster, first responders will be overwhelmed; we need to rely on our neighbors and ourselves!

Our Tualatin Neighborhood Ready program offers disaster readiness presentations for you and your neighbors.  You can learn ways to plan, prepare and protect your family and home in case of a disaster.  We share information, tips and resources through in-person and Zoom presentations.  A free booklet and other materials are also provided.

We can help you set up a meeting with your closest neighbors.  Get together in a driveway, backyard or cul-de-sac with our trained facilitators.  To host a gathering and for more information about our 90-minute in-person presentation, email  TualatinReadyMYN@gmail.com

To join us on-line for the 60-minute Zoom presentation, register for one of the dates below and help make Tualatin a safe and resilient community:

To register for the July 20th Zoom presentation, click here:


To register for the August 9th Zoom presentation, click here: