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Tualatin Neighborhood Ready

Are you ready for the next local disaster?  In a major disaster, first responders will be overwhelmed; we need to rely on our neighbors and ourselves!

Our Tualatin Neighborhood Ready program offers disaster readiness presentations for you, your neighbors, and local businesses. Through an in-person or Zoom presentation, we offer preparedness steps: 

          Family Plan                                                     Water Storage

          Home Emergency Supplies & Storage        Utility Shut-offs

          Evacuation Go Bags                                      Communication Tips

          Home Hazards                                               Getting to Know your Neighbors  

The presentations are facilitated by trained CERT volunteers.

For an in-person gathering with your neighbors, we can help you set up a 90-minute meeting, in a driveway, garage, backyard, or cul-de-sac.  To host a gathering and for more information, email

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